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Mission (almost) accomplished

Within 4 weeks we have now almost accomplished our mission for a life on the water. A boat, a car, just haven’t planted a tree yet ….bugga. Anyway our page has now the added content of “The Boat” and following is a short review of how we got there.

While we were waiting for our stuff ex NZ that was due to arrive in Hamburg we made a few contacts to boat owners and started our search in Greece. Near Thessaloniki we were quite disappointed by the boats we’ve seen when we received a hint about a boat from private in Lefkas at the ambracian gulf (just a 400km ride away). Another day in the rental car and we were stoked with the amount of boats both private and chartered in this area. And I thought Auckland has lots of boats but compared to marinas with 3000 boats on the hard ‘only’ (about the same in the water) we felt quite overwhelmed. We soon fell in love with Anthos, a Bavaria 42 cruiser from private owners Ken and Tina from UK, a live aboard and truly well looked after. Love at first sight! With only a few hours left in Greece before our flight back to Germany we left Ken and Tina with a contract subject to survey and a deposit paid.

Back in Germany meant we had to pick up our stuff from Hamburg with a return trip via visiting friends en route and back to Hanau. Last but not least in between lots of organizing, shopping and lots of ciders (Aeppelwoi) car hunting was on the menu with about the same amount of choice as there were boats in Lefkas. Lots of ‘Schrott’ (scrap) that even the eastern car dealers wouldn’t touch we once more were in the luck when we found a reasonably priced car with enough space and life left to take us and our luggage to Greece. We will be leaving here next week driving to Italy where we will catch the ferry to Igumenitsa with another 1.5h drive to Lefkas where our boat will hopefully be surveyed and floating. Life goes on and its exciting !!




Bye bye pork pie…




  1. Rosemarie

    Great news look forward to your postings

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